Hi, I’m ARShopia!

After many years of Research and Development (R&D) in AR technology using different platforms and tools (Unreal Engine, WebAR, ARKit…), we are happy to share what we have achieved so far!

Here, we talk about everything we’ve learned along the way: About AR technology, importance of Augmented Reality in Product Marketing and Entertainment, how to improve your creative design using 3D objects. Enhancing the AR Experiences with AI, showing some AR experiences using our own Apps, and much, much more.

We also occasionally write some tweets, make videos, and share some news about conferences and events related to AR & AI.

To make this space rich and inspirational, we’e entirely dependent on You. ARShopia is a reader-supported publication. And although a lot of what we publish will be available to all our readers, some of it will be behind a paywall.

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